Sunday, June 25, 2006

Graduation Parties Part 2

So the whole family picks up and heads to Katie's party. It was well underway by the time we got there. (The cake was just crumbs!) One of the best things was the big bouncing house!

I still had the chalk in the car, so I had the kids lay down and I drew their outlines in the parking lot. Very soon after that, everyone was getting traced!

These pictures loaded in funny, but I'm afraid to mess with them because sometimes in the rearranging you erase them and then I'd have to start all over, so this will have to do! The boy counted and said there were 24 people laying around by the time it was over. Here's just a few.

Here's the boy and girl in the bouncing house...
And here's me and Rhonda! We kicked all the kids out!

By the time everyone was traced and colored in, it was getting dark. Then there were fireworks! It was a wonderful day spent together as a family.

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