Thursday, July 07, 2011

Recycler for the World

That's what The Man called me yesterday.  Recycler for the World.  It's a bit of a grandiose title.  I would rephrase it as Recycler for My Little Part of the World- which includes my home, any Girl Scout event and my workplace.

Not as catchy perhaps.  Tough to get on coffee mug.  But it's accurate.  Here's the proof:

  • We went on a big multi-troop camp out and I brought the big blue bags.  They were overflowing by the end of the weekend.  Luckily they had recycling bins out at the property so I didn't have to bring it all home.
  •  Day camp was last week.  We filled many, many bags with plastic, cans and tons of cardboard. I brought of that home to go in our recycling can.
  • I was less than a week at my current job when I brought in the blue bags and designated a place for flattened out cardboard boxes.  The guys fell right in line.  

But it's E-Cycling and Hazardous Waste Collection that really gets me excited. (Now isn't that a strange sentence to type!) We are so lucky to have a facility right here in town that accepts so many items.  They moved into the building that I will forever only think of as Clarkins.  You just drive in one door, they unload everything and you drive out another door.  So easy! 

We are rearranging the entire office layout at work and that is bringing quite a few dead electronics to the surface.  They all go in my van.

My troop had a garage sale last week.  While we're boxing up the unsold items for donation, I loaded all of the electronic devices into my van.

We have a table in our basement where the dead electronics go.  They all got loaded into the van.

This is what we took to E-Cycle yesterday...

 The Man said it looked like a Russian Space Station.
 I said it was one calculator short of become a sentient life form.

The moral of the story, especially if you live in this county, is to please be aware of what you are sending to the dump.  The chance it could be recycled in some way is extremely high.  

Okay, I'm done being preachy.

Let's end with a picture of Meg and The Girl holding hands.  
 Because they are adorable.

Another Moment of Grace

 I blame the cat.

It's not her fault.

I blame her still.

Bad cat.

 She lost her collar.  When I found it the clasp was broken.  That's why she lost it.

I bought her a new one.  Red again.  She happened through the room just as a pulled it out of the bag.  So I wanted to put it on her right away.
It was packaged on a card held tight with little plastic rings.

I got the top one off with no problem.

The used-for-everything kitchen scissors slipped trying to get off the bottom one.

So I got my thumb instead. Note the cuts on both sides of my thumb.  That takes talent my friends.

An emergency room trip resulted in medical grade super glue instead of stitches.  The future is here!

I also earned a tetanus shot.  They gave me the shot in the right arm and as you can see I mutilated my left thumb. Every little move hurts to some degree.

Bad cat.