Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back on Foot

My last report put Giant Shirtless Man on a bike hauling ass (and green grocery bag) out of here.  Since that day, he's return to being a pedestrian exclusively.  I will not rescind that I think it was a stolen bike.  There was something fishy about the whole thing.

Since the bicycle day, GSM has walked only on the opposite side of the road, still with the bag.  There is no garbage can over there.  Shuffling Old Guy still comes by the can to check things over.  Still no luck.  The woman with the puppy has stopped showing up at all.

Today GSM made the surprising move of having a red shirt slung over one shoulder.  Perhaps he senses a change in the weather?  How cold will it have to get before Giant Shirtless Man becomes Giant Red Shirt Man?

Only time will tell!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Giant Shirtless Man

He just rode by on what I assume is a stolen bike.

No shirt.

Green grocery bag.

He didn't make his stop by the can this morning.  My guess is that he has thrown us over for a better, less observed can.

Mores the pity.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Out of My Window

We are moving everything around at work in the office.  Desks are being switched up.  Decisions on what to keep and what to throw away are being made. It's all pretty chaotic right now, but it will be much better once everything is settled.

One of results of all this shuffling will be that I won't be front and center for the show that happens out our front window daily.  Here's a recap of some of my favorite moments...
  • Across the river they are constructing some huge building.  It's still just a steel skeleton but I've seen the big crane swing around I-beams and watched the building go from one wall to a 3D structure.  Today I notice it has a roof.
  • Early one morning there was a deer just tiptoeing down the street.  She headed over the police station where I lost sight of her.
  • Out on the sidewalk, right outside of my window, is one of the city's decorative trash cans.  This can is the destination for all kinds of people during the day.  Like Giant Shirtless Man.  He shows up most every morning with a green garbage bag in tow.  He unloads this bag by the handfuls into the can and then keeps heading on his merry shirtless way.   See you tomorrow!
  • About an hour later, Shuffling Old Guy in the Shades will stop by the can to root through everything.  So far, he hasn't found anything worth taking.  Better luck another day!
  • Police cruisers are often stopped beside this popular can while the officer inside does a spring cleaning job on the car.  It's mostly water bottles and McDonald's bags.  Good to see our boys in blue keeping it tidy.
  • I could write about the trash can all day but let's move on---
  • Once I watched a passenger-less skateboard go right down the center line heading for downtown.
  • A few moments later, it's owner took up chase.  I hope they were reunited.
  • How could I not mention the wedding that took place in the parking lot across the street?  The bride wore pajama pants and an over-sized shirt.  The barefoot groom wore a dirty wife-beater.  The ceremony was attended by a preteen girl who took pictures with a phone.  The marriage was performed by a grumpy officiant who asked to use our bathroom while he was waiting around for everyone to show up.  The groom cried as he said his vows.  Almost touching.  When the ceremony was over, five minutes later, the bride and the girl got in one car and the groom took off in a opposite direction in the biggest rust bucket truck you've ever seen.  I didn't note what happened to the officiant.
  • No matter the weather, scorching heat, freezing cold, driving rain, someone will be heading off to the riverside to fish.  Sometimes they just have a rod.  Sometimes that have enough gear to bring in a whale.  I've yet to see anyone come back with a fish.
  • A woman with her new puppy walks by my window every hour on the hour.  This week marks the third in a row of this devotion to housebreaking.
I'll miss my daily sideshow once I move to my new desk.  But I'll probably get more work done.