Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few notes on Disney

I've waited too long to write about The Girl and I going to Disney World.  We've told our stories over and over at this point.  There are plenty of pictures on my Flickr and on Facebook that you can check out.  Here's my favorites.

Everyone at Disney World is wonderful.  Servers, security guards, even people waving flashlights so you walk down the right paths.  Everyone is happy to see you and offer a friendly word.  But this balloon guy took the prize.  The Girl, in a teasing way, was constantly asking for a balloon while we were in the park.  This balloon guy left her hold them all.

These balloons all had blinky lights in them too!

If you'll remember, The Girl played Rapunzel back in the winter play.  So meeting Rapunzel herself was on the top of the list.  She found where she would be appearing and waited alone in line for an hour to make it happen.  We brought her dinner in line.  Finally the two Rapunzels got some time together.
Worth every second of the wait.

Going on this trip with The Girl was an amazing experience.  We made the absolute most of it and we both realize how special and unique the whole thing was.
But this my favorite picture from that week.  While the girls were in Florida, the dudes went zip-lining.  Check out my handsome boys!