Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Calendar of Upcoming Events

The kids have a bunch of stuff happening soon.  I have been accused in the past of not giving enough advance warning, so here you go.

Tuesday, January 15th- T-Rep and Comedy Troupe Show.  The Girl will be performing her drama class midterm and The Boy will be doing some short pieces with the Comedy Troupe.  6 PM (This would qualify as not enough advance warning, granted.)

Friday, January 17th-  Home Basketball game at EHS to watch The Girl dance.  7 PM

Saturday, January 18th- Dance Team Showcase.  Dance Teams from all over will be coming to EHS to show off their dancing skills.  6 PM.

Friday, January 25th-  Home Basketball game

Tuesday, Jaunary 29th- Home Basketball game

Friday, February 1st- Something Dada Comedy Show. 7 PM.  The Boy's comedy troupe will also be performing.

Saturday, Februay 2nd- Home Basketball game

Tuesday, February 12th-  Last Home Basketball Game.  Senior night and solo dance for The Girl.

February 22nd - 24th-   "You Can't Take It With You".  EHS Drama Department Winter Show.  The Girl has a big role in it, so it is not one to miss.

Then things are quiet for a bit.  There will be choir concerts, tennis matches and the musical to come.  Fun!