Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Tree Day 2012

 The Anderson's had to travel into the woods a little early this year.  Three of the Anderson's are insanely busy people with schedules that must be respected.  So we went out on the last day of November (*gasp*) to find the perfect tree.

We went back to Spenser's Tree Farm in Wakeman where the last 19 of our 20 trees have come from.  It's gone through good times and bad out there with the tree selection.  But no matter what, you can't beat the prices, service and the homemade cookie for your ride home.

It's a big place.  We lost The Girl for a little while. 

 Everyone had their own opinions on what tree we should pick.  This year there were three finalists that we were trying to pick between.  The problem was they were all really far apart from each other.  There was quite a bit of walking back and forth.  But some people know how to travel.

Finally one tree was compromised on.

Not too big.  Not too small.  Not too fat.  Not too thin.

The Girl was asked to hold up the tree while The Man sawed it down.  He's laying on the ground behind the tree in these shots.  You'll just have to take my word on it.

Oh no!  Says The Girl.  This tree is Sooooo heavy!  How will I ever  hold it up?

Uh oh!  It actually is very heavy.  *Ugh*  I need help!

No worries, that's what brother's are for.

 And that's it.  The tree is down.   Hey guy down there with the saw, you okay?

 Never better.  Another tree conquered.

 Another successful Christmas Tree Day!  Now to just get it home and make it pretty.

 Bonus! This tree has many, many pine cones.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

 Twenty years ago today, I woke up in my bed in my mother's house and realized I left my contacts at the new apartment.  I was going to need them for the day so I quickly threw on warmer clothes and drove through the snow across town.

I wasn't sure where The Man spent the night.  I was pretty sure he stayed at his parents house.  I'm not a superstitious person normally but the bride not seeing the groom before the wedding seemed like a good idea. 

Luckily when I pulled up in the driveway I could easily make out The Man's fresh footprints in the snow.  It looked like I had just missed him and that he also had showed up and then left right away.  I wondered what he forgot and had to make an early morning run for.  What a pair we were!

I don't remember standing in the apartment thinking anything like, "When I come back here I'll be a married woman."  That would make a nice detail to this story. A young woman standing right between two parts of her life taking a moment to ponder her future. What I do remember is grabbing my contacts and blowing out of there to make it back to the house.  I still needed to shower and get my hair dry before people started showing up.

This morning I woke up in the house I've lived in for the past nineteen years.  After I got the kids off to school I went back to bed to snuggle for a little while with The Man and Mamacat.  There's no snow on the ground today and no threat of flurries later.   I won't see his footprints in the snow today, but later tonight Marco will let know when he hears his truck coming home from teaching at Bowling Green.

 Twenty years later he is still my best friend and my all-time hero in cutting down Christmas trees.
More pictures from our early Christmas Tree day coming soon!  

 Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dance Team Season Arrives!

It is finally here.  The first home game of the basketball season which means it's the first dance team performance.  No worries if you can't make tonight, there are eleven more opportunities to see The Girl dance before February 12th, which is the last game.  That's 69 days away, but who's counting.

Here's the whole schedule for the season if you want to make plans to come out and see her.  The team dances at Varsity games.

The team only dances at home games.  Not included on the above schedule is the Dance Team Showcase.  The team has invited dance teams from other area schools to come and perform.  That will be Saturday, January 19th at 6 PM. 

The Man and I will always be on the home side, way at the top with the wall to our backs.  See you there!

Coming Up:  A Capella Christmas Choir Concert, Sunday December 16, 3 PM