Thursday, October 27, 2011

The following interview never happened.  The events described did.

J:  Are you comfortable?  Need anything?

Man:  No, no.  I'm fine. (sounds of shuffling and scraping)

J: Something wrong with your chair?

Man:  It's just... (scraping, banging)... stuck here on this rug edge.  (Violent noise)  Ah, there.  Okay.  What did you want to know?

J:  I haven't asked you anything yet.

Man:  So what are we doing then now?

J:  It's an interview.  I want to know about the accident.

Man:  Accident is a bit of an exaggeration.  More like an incident.  A big incident, yeah, but not an accident.

J: Okay, then let's get started.  About how long have you known that the tires on your truck needed replacing?

Man:  Oh, you want to start there?  Well... I guess about a year now.  Yeah, a good year.

J:  That's a long time.

Man:  Yeah, well that's how it goes. I just didn't get around to it.

J:  So tell me what happened on October 22nd.

Man:  Umm.... well I was on my way to band practice...

J:  Your band The Black Valentines has a gig this Saturday right?

Man:  Yep.  A Halloween party.  Thanks for the plug.

J:  No problem.

Man:  So anyway, I was going down 480 just getting into North Olmsted when the back tire exploded.

J:  You just used the word exploded.  Did you hear it?

Man:  Oh yeah.

J:  And you obviously felt it?

Man:  Of course.  Have you ever been in a car when a tire blows out?

J:  No.

Man:  Believe me.  You know when it happens.

J:  So what did you do then?

Man:  I got to the side of the road and stopped.  I checked out the tire.  I was completely destroyed.

J:  I think we have a picture...

Man:  Yeah, as you can see, it's completely blown out.

J:  I see.  Intense images.  So then you attempted to get the spare.

Man:  The spare on my truck is locked into the frame.  You need a special key to get it out. At first I couldn't find the key. It was buried in the glove box.   It's a stupid system.  Who would want to steal your donut?

J:  I think we have a picture of your spare...
 Man:  It's a looker, isn't it?

J:  So you successfully got the spare on the truck.  And then I guess you started back out for band practice?

Man:  The gig was in a week.  Can't miss practice with the gig so close.

J:  But this story has a happy ending, right?

Man:  The truck has four brand new tires now.  I guess that's a happy ending.  Better than having another blow out anyway.

J:  Thank you for sharing your story today.

Man:  What's for dinner?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homecoming Dance 2011

Working backward through time, I'll try to update some pictures here.  A few weekends ago it was homecoming.  This year the dance was held in the new cafeteria since the gym still isn't ready.  A dance in the cafeteria isn't so bad for them though because the room is quite pretty.  And so are these kids!

The Girl looking ever so lovely.

The Girl and her #1 running buddy  just as cute as can be.

This is my favorite.  I said, "Okay, stand right there so I can get a picture."

And this is what they looked like after all the primping .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When your Boy is in Art...

...he comes home with adorable things like this!

How about a little battery powered candle to brighten it up?

Even cuter.

We haven't gotten around to getting the Halloween decorations out yet, so this sweet pumpkin is the whole holiday show right now.

Tonight we are off to Fat Fish Blue for dinner.

And then the circus.  Which will be good too.

But I'm more excited about dinner!