Thursday, June 22, 2006

Potato Chip Heaven

Around here, Thomasson's potato chips were king. The best chips ever. Yeah, I know, I know...Everyone likes what they grew up with the best, but even the out-of-towner could be wowed by these chips. They kicked ass! Then, one day, disaster struck. Thomasson's was bought by another snack food company. And then everything went right to hell. They made the MOST DISGUSTING tasting chips imaginable. Further insult came when they packaged these horrible chips in the same bags. They might say Thomasson's, but it was all a lie! The regular chips were awful. The Bar-B-Q were inedible! People were losing their minds. It felt like rioting could start at any moment. Thomasson chips stacked up in stores. No one even wanted to look at them!

But relief came with a small article in the paper. The new owners of Thomasson's had heard the people and saw the zero sales and were changing the recipe back. Oh yeah? Everyone was skeptical. Could they do it or would it just be a new flavor of foul? Then slowly, word started going around. "Have you tried Thomasson's lately? They're back." And it was true! The regular chips were back and they tasted exactly the way they should. Hurrah!

But what about the Bar-B-Q? Had anyone tried those? No. No one. Everyone seemed too snakebit to go there. But yesterday E had had enough. He bought a bag of Bar-B-Q. The boy and I watched, anxiously waiting while E tried the first chip. Would he spit it out? Run screaming out of the house? How bad would it be? But he smiled and said, "I think that's it!" And it is! Thomasson's are back exactly the way they should be. Happy, happy day! This post is for all my family coming to town this weekend for the parties. Go get those chips!


Man Who Knows Everything said...

Yes, I can totally vouch for the renewed goodness of these chips! Indians win the pennant? Christmas is cancelled? Anderson awarded Nobel Peace? I'm sorry, my friends, but all of those stories are only filler in comparison. Now, you'll have to excuse me; I'm going to the store for some Salt and Vinegar...

Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Well, who knew I should have been out buying chips instead of visiting ;)

Brewer is totally jealous!

Enjoy the chips!!!