Monday, June 19, 2006


Here's the girl in the hideously ugly Pinecrest cabin (sorry, but I will never like it!) at Camp T. No bunks out there anymore, just mattresses on the floor. Even prisoners rate a bed! And I can't imagine how cluttery that floor must look once all those girls get unpacked, can you Chip? It must constantly look like a pink and frilly bomb just went off! There's nowhere for them to stow and hide their junk! Anyway, after a truly long process of checking her, she is safely away at resident camp for the first time. It's a short session; she'll be home Wednesday evening. The weather should be great. I know she's going to have a fantastic time!

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Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

I thought the same thing at the opening for that "place" (I can't seem to make myself call it a cabin). Went out there (years ago) to help my old leader when she took her troop camping and it was a HUGE mess! beds and stuff everywhere!

I don't have you address (cause I forgot to bring it) and we are going to be in ridgeville tomorrow about noon. going to visit for a couple of hours. Could we come after that? I would love to stop. You can email me or comment on the blog. Or maybe I'll just drive by in hopes :)