Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beach Trip

It's been hotter than heck around here! Being air-conditioning-less, we have to improvise. A few days ago it was a new sprinkler, a real one from Home Depot, no more baby sprinklers from the toy store! Today it was a trip to the beach. We all got up early, had a big waffle breakfast and were sitting on Huntington Beach by 9:30 AM. Very unlike us to say the least. But we had a lovely, sandy time. The lake was nice and cold, almost too cold when you first get in! The kids buried each other in the sand and dug out little walled lakes that they filled, then destroyed. E and I sat in the shade to read and people watch. No pictures because I forgot the camera, but it was a beautiful day out there. The sky was SO blue! Around noon it was starting to get crowded, so we headed out. Now we're home again and sweltering. Oh, well. Tonight I'm going to work on my photo albums which I have been putting off for.... Let's just say it's been too long. Being too warm to move around much, it's the perfect night for it.

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