Sunday, July 02, 2006

Will the camping never end?

Got the boy off to Boy Scout camp this morning. He took practically the whole house with him! And on top of that, when we go out to see him Wednesday, we're taking him clean clothes for the second half of the week. That was to save on packing! But, he was really excited about going and that made me feel better about it. He's taking fishing, basketry and rifle shooting this week. He promised to take pictures. We'll see...

Girlie Week started today with us going to see a movie. We saw Cars, which is not exactly a girlie movie, but it was an okay flick anyway. The bad part was the theatre full of antsy, fussy kids. Yuck! We'll have to find something much more girlie to do for tomorrow.


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

just think, if you take clean clothes, you can (maybe) bring back dirty clothes and have a jump on the laundry

We saw Cars and liked it. It was cute, but the other crazy kids in the theater were, well, crazy :)

Hope you find something incredibly girlie to do together!!! wish I could come over and be girlie with ya! My mom has a cousin with 3 boys. Whenever mom and I took a day off to go shopping together when I was growing up, she would come too. She was always so thrilled to be able to look at bras and underwear without any complants :)

J. said...

Oh, yes, the dirty laundry is coming home. It's like a prisoner exchange!