Saturday, August 26, 2006

Go Carting

After a whole summer of waiting, last night we finally made it out to Swings N Things for go-carting. And while we had a great time, I really think I need to write to SNT and give them the news. That place is stupid expensive for what you get. You can buy a pass to get to ride everything, unlimited, for $23. Now everything includes the one go-cart track, two mini golf course, the dumb bumper boats and laser tag. No batting cage tokens, arcade tokens or paintball thrown in. Now here's the problem-- For $9 extra bucks you could go to Cedar Point. Cedar Point! Is there really only $9 difference in fun between the two places? I don't think so. Where does SNT get off with such a price? Does it really cost that much to run? Okay, I'm done complaining about it.

So we went go-carting. A lot. Double cars to take the kids along and then single cars (that are much faster!) without the kids. Next year, they'll both be tall enough to have their own cars. They've got these little loser cars on the "Rookie Track" where the kids can drive in a circle. Callie's car was so bad it bounced along like a little jalopy. We played some mini golf and Ethan got two holes in one, but E won for the day. It was dark by the time we got to golf, but the course is all lit up with little lights. But in some spots though the lights were out. You couldn't see your ball for anything! Callie's had a purple ball, completely invisible! And if you hit it off the course into bushes, you had a terrible time finding it.

We stayed until it closed and then some. We picked up chocolate shakes and french fries on the way home, the perfect 11 PM snack!


Weaver Brewer & Fam said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Is there anything better than fries and shakes at 11pm?

Nance said...

Okay, but do you DIP the fries INTO the shakes? Seriously, that is killer.

Bruce said...

Sounds like a great wa to end summer. Have you noticed the light is gone by 8;30....It makes me want to cry. i love daylight savings time. By the way great point about the price difference. I will never look at the place the same way again :)