Thursday, August 31, 2006

One week down

The first week of school is over! It was a four day week, followed by this lovely four day weekend. Nice. And I worked three days this week! Very nice! Now you might be asking, who is taking off during the first week of school? My question as well. I have never worked the first week of school before. I barely work the first month most years. But it seems an Intervention Specialist (Special Ed. more or less) teacher at Prospect had some surgery that she was unable to schedule anytime during summer, but could get in this week. Fine by me! Easy days!

Last night was the open house at Ely and I made the rounds as a parent, not an employee. I'm fairly pleased with everything I heard and I have high hopes for the year. I especially like what was said about the amount of homework that would be given, no more than an hour a night. I'm going to hold them to that! Also said that they were going to read novels as a class. Hurray! That didn't happen once last year.

As for my feline situation, Mama tried to move the family into the closet today since in a hasty outfit change this morning, I left the door open. We've pulled them out, but Mama insists that's where they live and has everybody camped out right in front of the door. I'll try again later to get her to change her mind back to the dresser. I can't get in my closet! And the little boy has is eyes open as well now. I'll take some pictures tonight for the next post. They both have this funny half staggering walk they're doing! Painfully cute!

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