Monday, October 16, 2006

On Hold

Stuck here at home today waiting for the guy from Stewart's to fix the dryer (no heat, useless appliance) and the cable guy to figure out a whole host of TV related problems. I scheduled them both today so I would only have to lose one day of work. But nobody likes days like this. Waiting, waiting, waiting... The cable guy could be here anytime from now until noon. The dryer guy anytime between noon and two. You want to bet it will closer to two than noon? Oh, I can guarantee that! But it will all be worth it not to have to go to the Laundromat to dry the clothes and having all the fuzziness and ghostiness off the TV. Maybe he can fix the OnDemand too! We haven't had that since Spring! Am I asking too much? Perhaps...

I've just attempted for the third time to get some new pictures of the kittens up, but Blogger is being a bit of a beast this morning, so you'll all have to just suffer without for a little while longer. I assure you that they are cuter than ever, bright eyed, cuddly and soft, with incredibly sharp teeth and quick, painful claws. They turned 8 weeks old over the weekend. 8 weeks... 8 weeks of them living in my bedroom. It's been an education to say the very least. They are extremely active and there is nothing they can't climb in the blink of an eye. The two of them wrestle constantly with each other, right over the top of whatever is around them, be it shoes, laundry or people, they just keep at it. Mama Cat joins in and all three of them run around at top speed in the middle of the night making a racket that's not to be slept through. It's really time for the whole thing to come to an end!

I'll post later today with an update on how the whole service day went. Maybe I can get some pics up then as well.

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Anonymous said...

good job thinking ahead and planning both for hte same day! at least that makes things a little better. broken dryer=yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

blogger finally invited us to go to blogger-beta and pic uploading is a breeze! The big Boston post was the fastest pic uploading ever!

Woo hoo for cute kittens!