Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Costumes

Here's my trick-or-treaters, finally. This is Callie in her famous ice cream cone costume. I'm proud to say that this costume was homemade by the girl herself! Callie and her friend came up with the idea, went shopping for the supplies, and then put them together (they both were cones) without any help. Got to LOVE having big kids!
Want to talk about the differences between boys and girls? Here's Ethan as a Ninja Zombie. Need I say more?
A close up of the ice cream hat. That's a giant cherry on top there in the back. She hot glued all the pieces onto a pink baseball hat. I tried it on and it was really comfortable!


Heather said...

I love the ice cream cone outfit! Way to go, Callie! Just one question for the zombie ninja: does he do all of the ninja fighting moves really, really slow? You know, like a zombie? Seems like a zombie ninja would be pretty easy to beat up. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

That is spectacular!!! and to further the difference tween boys and girls, #1 says that the ninja is cooler! :)

J. said...

Under consideration, I also think a Ninja Zombie would be very easy to beat up. All the Ninja training gone to pot under burden of being undead and all. I guess the strength would be in being creepy and scary... in a cool outfit.

Nance said...

Love the cone. And this is from the woman whose children never had a store-bought costume, ever. Hey, how many kids can say they were Abraham Lincoln for Halloween, either? Jared can!