Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cavs Girls!

Last night, Callie's jazz dance class did a number during the pre-game show at the Cavaliers game. What a cool and wonderful thing to do! It was one of the numbers they did for the recital back in the spring with a few changes. Thank goodness the costume still fit! They did a beautiful job!

Getting ready to perform hanging out with Olivia.
We got to watch the performance down on floor seats which was nice because our seats for the game were WAY up high. Here's the man waiting for the show to start.

That's Callie all the way on left. They made a video that we'll all get a copy of which is a good thing. It's not easy to take a picture of dancing!
Right before the 4th quarter they pulled random kids to hold and wave these big flags all around the arena.

They came around and handed out these blow-up noise makers. Ethan smacked them together for the entire game!

We had a great night, but it's a bummer that it had to happen the night before the first day back to school! We were all dragging this morning!

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Brewer said...

Cleveland still has a basketball team? What is a "cav" is it similar to a "brown" ? Just curious;) Looks like you all had a great time. Isn't odd how late nights always align themselves with starting days of something?