Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Birthday Man

The 17Th was the man's birthday. And what a day it was. In the afternoon we went sledding with... um... most everyone we know! Down at Mill Hollow they have a sled hill that's nice and long and not too steep. Most importantly, the walk back up doesn't make you want to roll over and die like the hill at Cascade. As soon as you trudged your way to the top, someone would be there asking "You want to ride with us?" So off you'd go again. We had a variety of sleds: Long ones that you can fit four adults in and their kids, lots of little saucers, and one person sleds with a seat. Our long black sled is the worst sled ever made. You pile everyone in and if you're lucky, you end up going sideways, then backwards, then stop. If you luck runs out, you're face first in the snow with the sled on top of you. Nobody wanted to ride in it.

The hill was filled with people doing all kinds of crazy things. Some kids brought their bikes and were riding down. Not a good idea and they got scolded by the park warden. Some other kid had a huge, red blow-up inner tube. He probably never felt a single bump on that sweet ride! This other family would all pile into the sled and go down the hill with their leased dog running along side. But the most memorable sledder was the guy in the garbage bag. That's right, he was in the big black garbage bag and he would just sort of THROW himself down the hill. It was a sight to behold.

There's nothing like sledding to make you question your sanity and redefine fun. You find yourself sitting in a snow-filled $3 plastic box with five other people looking down at a hill side of people face down in snow, who you are about to run over if they don't move. Some sadistic friend pushes you over the crest of the hill and now you're out of control, zipping and bumping, spinning and did I mention bumping, over snow that's been packed ice hard. You're screaming at little kids to get out of the way because you can't stop. You're praying that you can hang on to the baby in your lap (who is giggling her head off!). You know that you are going to end up with a face full of snow from the spray and end up looking like a cartoon character.

Then all these things do happen and when you get to the top of the hill, your legs wiped out, you do it all over again. Why? Because it IS fun!

Finally we had all had enough. A quick stop at a friends house to change clothes and then it was off to dinner to Boccardi's. Dinner for 21 with kids seriously outnumbering the adults. Service was slow, but that's to be expected there. Nobody minded. We accomplished a semi-successful wave around the big table which amused the other patrons. The food was super yummy, as always and there a chocolate chip cookie cake for dessert.

Happy Birthday to Dave, John, Brad and, of course, the man. Here's to another happy year!

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Nance said...

Happy Birthday to E! The activities sounded like my very worst nightmare, but I'm glad everyone involved had fun.