Thursday, February 08, 2007

Teaspoon for two

See this spoon? I used to have a bunch of these guys. Now I'm down to 8. I have my suspicions on how this has happened.

The realization that we were running low on spoons has been slow coming. I've been in denial for awhile telling myself things like "Oh, the rest must be in the dishwasher or the sink." But tonight, every dish is washed and put away and the final count is 8.

This flatware was a wedding gift from my Grandma. A heavy, heavy box, it had 12 each of knives, teaspoons, soup spoons, dinner forks, salad forks and two big serving spoons . The first year that I had Christmas for the family, I was already down a few spoons and a fork, so ordered some more. Oneida was having a sale so I bought 8 more forks and teaspoon. I had so much flatware, I couldn't fit it all in the drawer! That was 12 years ago.

Fast forward to today and my missing spoons. Oneida is very sorry, but they have discontinued my pattern. I've checked around all the flatware replacement sites and have found my spoons at two of them. They both want $6 a spoon! I found my pattern under headings like "Heirloom" and "Vintage" Come on! This set came from Kmart and we've only been married 14 years! This is not antique silverware!

But it's clear now that our spoons are valuable. My new plan is guard and protect these last 8 spoons from the dangers that they face. Obviously, we have a gremlin or rogue yard gnome sneaking around and filching our spoons for their own nefarious purposes. How dare they!


Brewer said...

J, Please post the model number so WE , the hoard on the internet, can help you locate at a cheaper replacement value. I love insurmountable odds.

J. said...

Go for it and good luck. I was going blind last night looking. On the back it says--

WM A Rogers Deluxe Stainless Oneida LTD.

Its style is called Gloria.

If you can find it, I'll owe you big!

Nance said...

Oh my goodness! This is IDENTICAL to the problem we are having at The Dept! Our supply of teaspoons has dwindled from 12 to 5-6. Our pattern, which I don't even really remember the correct name of...Chateau? Chatelaine? no longer available by open stock. Teaspoons are 6$ each. I accuse the kids of throwing them away when they clean off the table because they just don't care. I once found one in a crusty ice cream dish IN A NIGHTSTAND DRAWER! Also found one in the bathroom vanity. Yet, our supply remains static. I've now decided to start collecting all kinds of stainless so that NOTHING matches; I'll call our table settings "eclectic."

Heather said...

I think you should just give in and have mismatched silverware. You could steal silverware from other people's houses to replenish your supply. Just make sure they have kids that can take the blame.