Friday, March 02, 2007


Behold the Brewer brandishing my 6 new spoons that he found on Ebay for me. You may remember not long ago I was bewailing my spoon problem. Most of you told me, in not so many words, to suck it up and accept that I would have to have mismatched flatware. But not Brewer. Bravely he dove into the virtual garage sale that is Ebay and came sputtering to the top with not only these 6 spoons, but also 3 knives, 3 forks, 4 knives and an adorable little sugar spoon. My silverware drawer overflowth.

So thank you, thank you, Brave Brewer. I loved seeing you and Weaver again. Enjoy the cookies and the next time you stop by, bring the Numbers along. We'll feed them to Marco.

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Nance said...

Holy Cow. I'm going to put on my reading glasses and peer at the back of my remaining spoons to see if the pattern name is on there. E-bay here I come.