Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All the Gnus

The trip to Dr. Feet today didn't go exactly as I hoped. My hope was this:

"What a miracle! Throw those crutches away and let's go dancing!"

Instead, I got my cast removed, but only on the promise that I would put no weight whatsoever on my foot. Now I'm wrapped up just in the Ace Bandage and still wearing the hideous boot. I am threatened with the immediate replacement of the cast if anything goes wonky in the next week. So because I want this to be over in the minimum amount of time, I will continue with the bruising crutches and let my poor injured limb float along.

My foot is a terrifying sight to behold. My mom asked if it was black and blue just now on the phone. I wish. It's more like green and yellow. The man called it a zombie foot, it's that repulsive. But Dr. Feet is pleased, so I am too. I see him a week from today. I'm hoping the good news train just keeps chugging along.

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