Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Still no dancing...or anything

Dr. Feet says I'm still off mine for another two weeks minimum, four more most likely. And yes, I want the bone to set correctly so I will be a very good girl and stick with the crutches and the crawling. But damn, this is the most bummed out I think I've ever felt! Send more happy thoughts! This girl is going stir crazy!

The cats had their one year birthday on Sunday. One year of these little furballs in our lives and honestly, I'm so happy with them. All three of them are so different and funny. I love watching them run around with each other and watching them interact with Marco is gold. He's been the best about them being here.

It's hot and it's sticky and the neighbors seem to be having issues with their pool, which is making my kids have issues. Nothing cools tempers like a dip in the pool around here. Ah well, there's always spraying each other with the hose. No wait a minute, that makes people mad too. Oh no! We're screwed!


The uncle said...

J., Seems to me that you've got waaaaay to much time on your hands. Since when has a little thing like a broken bone stopped you? But on the other hand, if E hadn't gotten you peeeed of to the point where you stuck your foot up a certain oriface and literally broke it off, you wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. So blame him, you have mt permission.
How'd the boy like camp this year? Did he do any patch trading? I've got some more extras to give him in Sept. if he's interested.
As for the girl, with you all hobbled up and playing injured, I'm sure she has her hands full doing all of her work plus yours too. Not to mention having to be at your becken call all day, you slave driver. By the way, hows the Bon Bon supply, should I send another care package? I feel sorry for her. Maybe next year she can be a kid again and enjoy the summer.
We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the wedding in Sept. We do miss and love you guys, yes even that E guy. see you all soon.

Nance said...

Sigh. More crutch time--how horrid. Try to be good and take it easy. Take care and be taken care of.