Friday, September 28, 2007

Paging Mother Nature

Check out the monstrosity that was left on my doorstep.
This ugly thing is almost three inches thick and WE'RE NOT EVEN IN IT! It's the Cleveland Area phone book! Why, oh why would I need to have this in my house? If I desperately needed a number in Cleveland I would call Directory Assistance or look it up on-line. This phone book offends me in some many ways!

We get about four phone books a year, which is way too many, but this is the first time we've gotten the Cleveland one. Who decided that we needed this? The amount of paper in it fills me with horror. Everyone in town got one of these? Can you even fathom how many trees were killed to make these complete useless books? Never mind that I've gotten along fine my whole life without ever needing one of these numbers, but where in the hell do they expect people to store something like this. It's deeper than most every drawer we own and shelf space is at a premium around here. I can't imagine that anyone is going to keep this phone book longer than a week. The sad part is most of them will end up in the trash, in a land fill. Mine is lucky enough to be heading straight to the paper recycling bin. Hopefully in it's next incarnation it will come back as something more useful. Like toilet paper.


Weaver said...

we get less phone books here because we don't have a landline phone but the one we do get, never even sees the inside of the house. I walk it straight to the recycle can.

propsocy said...

In the perfect world, we could earn money for children's activities by collecting and recycling those phone books. We could take care of two annoyances at one time! And the community would be better in so many, many ways.

J. said...

Weaver- I love to recycle paper. There is a bin right at the kids school and the money made is given to the school. It's the best.

Propsocy- That world is closer all the time (see above!). But it takes everyone getting on board. That's the hard part!