Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Campout

This past weekend was the big one. I organized and pulled off my first multi troop camp out at Camp T. We had 11 troops and 141 people out there on Saturday and the weather was awful. It is cold and drizzly and muddy all day. Completely miserable. But despite that, everyone have a terrific time. It was a Halloween themed camp out. The girls in my troop were the aides and worked all the stations and kept the fun going. Here's the shirts that we made for ourselves. They took orange shirts and cut out the face then wore black underneath.

We had a cook in the camp kitchen making all the meals so we didn't have to worry about that. The day consisted of lunch, pumpkin painting, baked apple making, archery, two crafts, an all over camp treasure hunt, dinner, a haunted hayride and a Halloween dance party with glo-sticks and tattoos. They spent the night, had breakfast and cleared out. Everyone was exhausted. I'm still sore today. Here's what my van looks like with 150 pumpkins in it.
Some of the painted pumpkins...

And keeping the songs going while waiting for dinner.

My girls did such an amazing job! This was their first time being aides at an event and they kept their smiles.

And Weaver, we had cupcakes with birthday candles in them and sang Happy Birthday to Juliette. Her birthday is on Halloween and was born 147 years ago. We almost had enough people there!


Weaver said...

I was wondering if you remembered her birthday, but why do I wonder? You, of course, are too awesome to forget!!! I so need a crazy, cool weekend at camp. I think I would have driven to Ohio to be there :)

Congrats on a fantastic event!!!

Anonymous said...

haha i see mee:]