Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Wrap-Up

Halloween went off smoothly around here. I gave out glo-sticks again and they're always a giant hit. I love putting them right on the wrists of the little ones because they get so excited about it. Since Daylight Saving ended a week late, trick-or-treating started when it was still light outside which was a bummer for the jack-o-lanterns and the glo-sticks, but within a half hour it was dark enough. Speaking of pumpkins, here's what the kids finally carved.

Here's the girl's ghost.

And the boy's skull.

And here are our intrepid trick-or-treaters. That would be Cho, the girl, the boy and the brother. They brought in quite a haul, but had more fun back home trading candy with each other. It was a regular bull pit!

The kids here are posed in front of the scariest thing in the yard, our dead tree. This tree has been dying for years and yet still it stands. It's the tree lawn tree making it the city's problem. I've reported it several times, but I've never seen anyone out here looking at it. Not that it would take a very long look to figure out that it is not going to get better by itself. Since it's already November I'm guessing we are going to be living with the corpse for another winter. I guess it would be cheaper for the city to replace all our windows or some one's car than cut it down. That must be what they're thinking, looking for the most economical way to deal with the situation. It is a great landmark for finding my house though--"Take a left and we're the first house on the right with the big dead tree".

It was a lovely tree in it's day though. Here's the man conquering it one spring day in 1994.

I know it's not an easy life being a tree lawn tree and this big guy has suffered long enough.

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Nance said...

OH, but the city won't do any replacing should the corpse fall on your home. That would be covered by your homeowner's policy. We have a dying tree in our yard, too, and the city says, "It's the natural cycle of the tree." Fully half of it is dead and most of the trees in the tree lawns on our street are half dead, too, but the city won't do anything. Huge limbs come down all the time in the road, on lawns, etc. So far, nothing has borne damage, but everyone wonders when our luck will run out.