Friday, February 08, 2008

Preparing for Survival on Snow

This little penguin is about to do a dumb thing in cold weather. Tomorrow, myself and six of my Scouts are also going to do something not-so-bright, (but probably not lethal) in equally cold weather. Tomorrow is Survival on Snow, the Girl Scout version of Klondike in Boy Scouts. It's an all day event where the girls travel from station to station and show off their skills. There will be knot tying, lashing, fire building, compass skills, first aid, flag ceremonies and who knows what else.

Are we ready? I hope so. I know I'm going to be dressed warm enough, that's for damn sure. I've tried to talk to the girls about what to wear and what gear to bring, but in the end it's up to them to dress and pack well. As for the skills, I'm not sure about that part. Luckily, they'll be judged mostly on their willingness to try, stay positive and work as a team. If they can't pull a skill off (that would be the fire building) or have no idea at all how to perform it (that would anything with a compass), then they'll still get credit for trying. They also have to show team spirit. For that they are all wearing these blindingly bright orange hats. If anything, they'll be memorable as that "Patrol of Girls in Orange Hats Who Giggle Too Much".

The scariest part of the day for me is that I'm not allowed to be with my girls. I can't go with them. I can't follow from a distance. I can't even be in the same part of the camp where they will be. I won't even see them until dinner, seven hours into the day. But I foresee lots of phone calls and texting during the day between us. I will be spending the day on my own team, a team of just leaders. My team will be out there kicking ass and taking names all day!. It should be a hoot! A cold hoot, but still. Send us warm thoughts!


Weaver said...

Go girls, go!!!

Go Leaders, go!!!

I remember working the very first S.O.S. mere weeks after Pinecrest burned down. What a crazy, fun day!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!!!

J. said...

That had to be SO HARD to be out there with Pinecrest gone! I can't even imagine!
Girl, we have got to go camping together!