Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Running Free and Clear

To head off anymore water problems in our basement, we were visited by a very friendly sewer cleaning man today. He whistled at the water marks on the walls. He puzzled over the sight of our big drain. He ran loud machines and lots of water. When it all said and done the report was this:

Sewer Guy: You had roots. Big roots. A lot of roots.

Me: Oh yeah?

Sewer Guy: Yeah. When was the last time you had this done?

The answer to this is about six years ago when our neighbors had a new line put in their yard. Their charming contractor, who had spent the majority of the summer using four letter words to critique his crew, had decided that it would be okay to disconnect our line when replacing our neighbors. It was a very bad scene. To make things worse, when we called him about it, he just about accused us of disconnecting it ourselves just so we could blame him. That's so like me though, isn't it? Digging up my neighbor's yard in order to fill my own basement with sewage. That guy saw right through me! But, back to today...

Me: Ummm. It's been awhile.

Sewer Guy: A LONG while! You've got to do this every year, you know!

Me: Yeah. Well, we will. From now on. Promise.

Sewer Guy: 'Cause you had bad roots. They'll be back!

Now isn't that a threat and a half! They'll be back! But for now the line is "running free and clear" in the words of the sewer man. And now the next time it rains, I'll be able to enjoy the sound on the roof instead of worrying myself into a tizzy about the basement. The joys of home owning never cease!

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