Friday, February 01, 2008

Still Alive

Ack! I'll post it anyway. If there is anything spelled wrong you can just deal with it! I checked the "Blogger Issues" board and everyone is hopping mad, but there are promises that it will be fixed soon. Whatever.

Hello to my three loyal readers! Rest assured I did not perish from my illness. My blogging lapse has simply been an inability to get near the computer for any extended period of time. The Man has been busy, busy, busy writing emails and resumes and just kicking ass. We are still only online with this one computer, so the best I've been able to do is check emails, fire off a few responses and get shooed out again. But this isn't a complaint mind you; I'm proud of the Man. Graduating and not having homework assignments has not slowed him down. He writes as much as he did before, plus doing all this hussle.

But he's out tonight, so I have some time to sneak this in. We've almost fully recovered from our basement catastrophe. That's what the insurance company called it, a catastrophe. It's completely too strong a word for what happened in our opinion. We are actually better off for the following reasons:

We lost the washer and dryer which were both 14 years old. They were living on borrowed time.

We lost a dehumidifier which was not a big deal. A quick trip to Home Depot and the cats now have a new big box to play in.

We got rid of 14 years of crap that should never have been put in the basement to begin with, all in one fell swoop. Our basement has not looked this good since we bought the place. It is empty! We have one small mountain that is waiting for Hazardous Waste Day (It's just paint and stuff like that! Don't freak out!), but other than that, the joint looks great!

We got compensated for all these junky shelves that the previous owners built all over the place down there. That's the part that killed me. These shelves and cupboards were the worst homemade pieces of crap you ever saw, but every one of them was listed on claim, by the insurance man not us. I would have never even of thought of putting them down! Those shelves were a loss the day they were built! Tearing them out is what has really improved the situation down there. It's so open now. And if you don't have shelves, you can't pile stuff on them. Two problems solved! Anyway the insurance man thought they were worth something and that leads us to the last bit of good news.

After we pay for the washer, dryer, dehumidifier, a couple of Nerf guns and my new electronic scale (*GASP* You can imagine how upset I was when I saw that floating!), there's still a little green left over. So we've decided to get WiFi for the house! It's something that we've been wanting, but didn't have the pocket change to hand over for it. Once we get all Wifi-ed, no more excuses about posting blogs or keeping up with reading other peoples blogs, it will be a new day around here! Okay, that might be taking it a bit far, but it will be cool. How's that for taking lemons and making lemonade!

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