Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Going to see "Hancock"? Take your Dramamine!

My head still feels like it's in a fog, like I have the tail end of a very bad hangover.

I was really looking forward to seeing Hancock today. We all love Will Smith, love Will Smith action movies. This one, about an unwilling superhero, seemed like it was going to be gold.

You can go ahead and read the real reviews from people who get paid to think long and hard about movies. I'm sure they'll have quite a bit to say about it. I have two things of my own to comment on.

There isn't one steady shot in the whole movie. Even if it was a scene involving just two people sitting at a table it was all done with jittering, stomach turning hand cam work. Usually in a movie like this there are points where the director pulls out a tripod now and then letting the audience catch their breath and spinning heads, but not this movie. It was nonstop wiggling, sometimes small and other times huge and sweeping. I'm starting to get queasy again just thinking about it.

My other complaint is that this was not a PG-13 movie. Okay, technically it is or else it wouldn't have the rating, but it was dancing on the very thinnest of edges of R. A better warning would be "PG-13 For Real!" It has tons of language, including the eff word more than once. I was okay with my two 13 year olds going to this, but there are going to be some very angry parents of younger kids who are not expected the amount bad words this movie contains.

Consider yourself warned. Take your Dramamine and leaving your eight year old nephew at home.

All in all, I would rather go and see Ironman for a third time. *sigh*


patrick said...

Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze... if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny

Weaver said...

oh damn does that pic look good! wish I could see Ironman again but it's more likely that we will go see wall-e

J. said...

Patrick- Hi! That's what I thought as well, and Will is funny, but the whole thing cheaps out at the end as well. Good opportunity for an excellent story lost.

Weaver- I heard Wall-E has some really sad parts. Let me know what it's like.