Monday, August 25, 2008

Post Olympic Observations

  • If Michaels Phelps is really double jointed in his elbows and knees, what is going on with his knee caps? I'm sure he has knee caps. If he didn't, everyone would know. But I'm having a hard time picturing a knee going backwards, even a little bit, with knee cap in the way.

  • Staying with Michael, was anyone else concerned when he would run around with swimsuit pulled down WAY past his hip bones? Then he would start running around and screaming. I kept thinking that this boy was one celebratory jump away from being naked on international television.

  • Mary Carillo is scary. They tried to pretty her up, but she's still a big scary man.

  • One night when I couldn't sleep I ended up watching ping pong. I was really excited to watch something different since at that point I was sick to death of quarter final swims and dives. Unfortunately, that ping pong match was deadly dull. It put me right to sleep.

  • There is a Yahoo site called Fourth Place Medal. Thank goodness for this site. They made sure that the stories that NBC didn't deem worthy enough got the attention they deserved.

  • Those little Chinese gymnasts were so underage. All those medals should be revoked. But maybe since those girls were stolen from their parents when they were three and put in a school to learn how to perform or ELSE, they should get something. Instead of a gold medal though, I'm sure those girls who love to win a chance to go home and be a normal kid.

  • Everyone is ga-ga over what a wonderful job China did with these games. How organized they were and how well run. How lovely the accommodations and venues were. But as the Man said, of course they were organized, the best criminals are very organized. Only by having a tight hand on everything they can get away with their crimes over and over again. The Chinese government just spent billions of dollars to prove to the world that the suppression of human rights are worth it; that they are not only making it work, but they are thriving. It all looked like a gorgeous, expensive mask to me.

  • An American was murdered during the first day of the games. After the second day, they never mentioned it again, but I think it's important not to forget. Journalists were hassled, barricaded and occasionally detained with no explanation. There were serious censorship issues with the Internet. How many other stories did we not get to hear?

  • I still love the Olympics. Here's to Vancouver!


Weaver said...

Don't know about the knees, but every time they show the Johnson and Johnson commercial with his mom, I get teary eyed :)

Somebody on a knit forum said it best... "Somebody, hurry up and knit Michael some suspenders!" but then other ladies said no thanks. nothing wrong with low pants on him :) From what I heard, those suits take at least 15 minutes to get into, so I'm guessing that they wouldn't slip any further, but I guess there were people everywhere hoping they would ;)

Amen on the Mary Carillo thing! Thank goodness someone else said it first! Some of her stories were cute and all (the kids LOVED the kite piece) but damn! her voice. her face. yikes!

We watched some badminton. Too cool. The kids LOVED team rhythmic gymnastics.

Can't wait to check out the fourth place medal. Thanks for the link.

I really can't work up any angst over their ages, but I look at them and see my kids and cry a little about how horrible it would be to live somewhere where the government could take your kids away forever* just cause they were good at something (*forever until they are used up and broken and no longer "good enough" and they kick them out the door and they have nothing for the rest of their lives)

Totally a mask! "they spent more than anyone else and it looks amazing!" well, of course it looks amazing. they don't care what their people think about how the money is spent so they spend billions. Health care? Food? Basic human rights? bah! Fancier pool! Better bird nest! Screw our own people cause at least the world will see our fancy side and think we are great! Heck, Bush thinks they are a great country cause the last time he was there, they were riding bikes and now they have more cars. Moron. but that's another rant :)

They asked the volleyball couch if it was hard to focus on the game with all that was going on with his family. That's it? Nice job pretending like it didn't happen folks. We don't want to hurt the feelings of the chinese government and insinuate that crimes happen in their country, now do we?

Me too!!! Yay, Vancouver!!!!

Nance said...

I hear you. And what about how they made sure that only the most ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE were the ones used in the entertainments? That little girl who sang the anthem was only lip-synching for another little girl who was deemed "not pretty enough." Yikes.