Thursday, August 07, 2008

Warning: Girl Scout Content Ahead

There's a wide range in Girl Scout leadership styles. Starting at one end you have the "Assistant Leader" who is that mom who stays for all the meetings and doesn't mind wiping up glue or spilled juice. At the other end are the whackadoodle leaders who do Girl Scout things even without girls around because they just can't get enough. Fearless Co-Leader and I have met plenty of those Whackadoodles and contrary to what you might think, we are not them.

That said, we just got back from from two days of leader training.

It was held out a Camp Ledgewood which is in Peninsula. We had never been there before which was part of the appeal to go to the training. We could scope out a new property and see if we wanted to camp there with our girls. As for that, the answer is yes. The camp is amazing and I can't wait to get my girls out there is see it.

Fearless and I have been to plenty of trainings in the past. (I'm not even going to mention the number of hours!) We use them as mini vacations and we almost always learn some new things for the girls. For this training event we went to three classes the first day, swam in their gorgeous pool, spent the night in an Adirondack cabin and had two more classes the next day. We learned a new way to decorate t-shirts, made lunch bags and cell phone cases out of duct tape, learned that we knew nothing about trip planning and got an overview of the new program coming out.

When other leaders found out we were from Erie Shores we would get quizzed nonstop about Timberlane and someone (not us) would always called it "The Hilton". Whatever. Just because our camp has flush toilets and dishes in the cupboard they think we're soft. I prefer to call it civilized.

As for those Whackadoodles, this event was chock full of them. They practically glow green they are so Scouted up. And just to reiterate it's not us. It's not us. It's not us.


Brewer said...

Being able to spot a "Whackadoodle" when i see one, Have you considered WA? Whackadoodle Anonymous?

J. said...

Actually I went to a WA meeting with your mom!

Brewer said...

Somebody should.
I gave up the notion of an intervention a long time ago.