Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cedar Point Again

Sunday was Season Pass Day at Cedar Point. Season Pass holders got to enter the park an hour early and ride The Raptor . You could ride it as much as you wanted because it was the only thing open in the whole park. We got there fifteen minutes early and rode it once. That was fine by us.

After that the park was completely open so we rode Maverick twice and then the Millennium. The whole joint is all dressed up for Halloweekends which starts next week. The decorations are fantastic. They had a graveyard built on the midway with rides that have been removed from the park written on the headstones. "Funhouse" was written upside-down! Oh, I miss that one!

And finally we all rode Top Thrill Dragster. The boy rode it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but this was a first for the rest of us. The Girl was so nervous she was on the verge of tears. When they were strapping me in all I could think was "So stupid! So stupid!"

But it was awesome! We all loved it so much we got right back on it right away. Of course, it helps that the line was only 15 minutes long both times!


Weaver said...

I miss Cedar Point so much. Glad you all had a great time! I miss Earthquake, what a great one. That wall that "fell" on ya as you passed by, so cool :)

Nance said...

How crazy is this: I have not been to Cedar Point in 24 years.

What rides will I miss?

J. said...

Weaver: Oh I loved Earthquake too! And the Pirate Ride. That big octopus at the end scared me to death everytime!

Nance: Geez woman, what rides WON'T you miss after 24 years? I know there's no wine tasting patios out there, but you still could probably find a way to have a nice time!