Monday, September 29, 2008

Return to the River

We like to start out our Scout year with camping. This past weekend we kicked it out in style back at one of our favorite campsites, Singing River.

Our troop has never been so small as it is this year. Only six girls went with us to the cabin. But they brought so much stuff and spread it out so far and wide that it looked like 30 girls were living in there.

Weaver, the cabin has a new stove, refrigerator and thermostat. Sweet! The plumbing is still sluggish and the kitchen floor is always wet because the floor is seeping through the cracks. Not sweet. There was this big, braided oval rug that smelled so funky we had to kick it out. We put on note on it that it should never be let in again!

The highlight of the trip was our afternoon picnic by the river. This year we took the buddy burners and hobo stoves and made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

And don't even start on me about flip flops and outdoor cooking. It may have been anti Safety-Wise, but I assure you that no one was injured.

The only bummer was that when the river is this low, it's not as much fun to play in. Weaver, someday you'll have to come out with us. Olive's Grave is waiting!


Nance said...

How cute is that frog? Is it a frog, though, or a toad? If it's a frog, I want it for my pond immediately.

Weaver said...

I'll be there!!! I miss that place big time!

congrats on a great campout!

J. said...

Nance: The combination of the manicure and the toad are the perfect picture to describe my troop of girls. When they let this little guy go, he jumped in the river and swam away. Insanely cute to watch!

Weaver: I miss you when I'm there and I've never even been there with you!