Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloweekends at CP

Sorry about this, but I've got to do one last post about Cedar Point. Friday night we went to Halloweekends and it was so fantastic! It was a night full of first. It was the first time going to Halloweekends for the Girl and I. (The guys went a couple of weeks ago when we were camping.) We went to see performances of The Tell Tale Heart and The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe. While we were there, I had my first ever beer at Cedar Point. I must be a grown-up now! And that beer kept me plenty warm on the inside while we waited in line to get into the haunted houses.

The Girl isn't much into scary stuff. She gets shaken up by yard decorations if they are too spooky or gory. Getting her to go to Halloweekends was quite a feat for us. The actors don't start jumping out at you until 8 PM. She must have asked me every five minutes what time it was up until then. She didn't want to be taken by surprise, I guess.

It didn't do any good though. As you walk through Frontier Town you can hardly see for the smoke machines and the lighting. When a insanely scary person does jump out at you in amazing make-up, you just can't but scream. We all did plenty of screaming!

Right by the entrance to the park there is a shop making doughnuts fresh all day. It smells heavenly but we never go in for one reason or another. Friday night, just before we left, we finally stopped and each got a warm doughnut. It was just the right thing to end our scary (and chilly) trip to Cedar Point.


j2cutz said...

Really miss you guys! I come and read often to keep up on wuts going on!
Jen Jen

J. said...

Hey Jen Jen! We miss you too! How about we make a date? I would love to see how big your kids are getting!