Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Elect Obama

I didn't actually believe it was going to happen until they said it last night.

"We just got this in. We can project California for Barack Obama. So now we can say that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States."

And I'm proud to say that I cried quite a bit.

I stayed up late for his speech and I'm really happy that I did. It was wonderful. So wonderful in fact that here it is!


Weaver said...

Hey. I cried too, but I think mostly cause I was just so glad that we knew. on the same day. kind of an odd feeling after the last two elections.

I stayed up for the speech too. It was good. Made me wish I had gone down to Chicago for the festivities.

Nance said...

And OHIO TURNED BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!