Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's all in the cards

About a week ago I was trying to fall asleep but my head kept running to-do lists about Christmas. One of the things that still needed done was the Christmas cards. By this time of year my cards are long since sent. This year I just wasn't feeling the drive to write out cards. While I laid there, I made a decision. I was going to give myself permission to skip doing cards this year. As I came to this moment, I felt a small twinge of stress untie and I fell asleep with a smile.

The next day, we got four cards in the mail.

"When are you sending out our cards?" asked The Man.

"I'm not. I'm letting myself skip it this year."

He looked a bit confused by this announcement, but I must have sounded unbendable about it because that was as far as the conversation went. A few days later, The Girl asked about cards.

"What do you mean you're just not doing cards? Scrooge!" She pouted her cute face at me.

"I just don't want to. It doesn't sound like fun and it's supposed to be a holiday, not a giant obligation fest."

"Party pooper!"

"Hey, it's my decision and my time. If you want to do cards, feel free."


Seeing that I was completely outwitted, I took my leave.

Then three things happened. First I found a box and half of cards left over from last year. More than enough to cover the tight part of the family and a few on the side. Hmmm.

Then I found five sheets of labels from last year, two signature label sheets, one return address, and then two blog promotion sheets. Last year I seriously over made labels. Double hmmmm.

Then The Man came home with stamps. Christmas stamps. One book of twenty.

Okay, fine. Twenty (or so) lucky people will get a real, mailed Christmas card from the Andersons. As for the rest of you, I actually found an e-card that I like. It's quite a piece of work. And one of you out there will be getting both a real card AND the e-card. Who is the lucky person? Wait and see.


The Bishop Family said...

Just so you know. Even if we didn't make the cut. I always noticed your very cool labels (Love how the names fit together)...
Happy Holidays from Ohio Street.

Weaver said...

I'm not sending Christmas cards this year either. The movers come on the 5th to pack and the 6th to load. I'm gonna send Happy New Year/change of address cards in January. I don't feel guilty either.

J. said...

Bishops- I'll let you know now, you didn't make the cut, but the wonderful online card is even better. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Thanks for the compliment on the names. I discoved that during an extremely dull political science class. I spent the class writing our names over and over again until they worked out into one big word. I've got it painted on a plate!

Weaver- IF you did send Christmas cards, I think I would scold you. You have way too much to do this month already. I scandalized by all the cooking you're doing!

Weaver said...

believe me... the baking is helping to keep me sane! :)

the e-card was fantastic!!!

J. said...

Grammy was the lucky double greeting receiver. I tried to link the ecard to a blog post but it didn't work. Bummer.