Monday, December 22, 2008

Presenting...The Girl

This summer The Girl surpassed me in height. It was such a relief. The relief comes not that she'll end up being a tad bit taller than the U.S. average, but that the constant comparing of our heights was finally at an end. The months leading up to last growth spurt, I would find her frequently standing too close to me asking anyone nearby who was taller. If I was picked then we would both have to take off our shoes and be compared again. Finally she was the taller one, even with both of us in bare feet. A new mark on the wall where we've been measuring the kids since they could stand commemorated the moment.

I knew she would end up taller than me eventually. She's got these crazy long legs. I don't even know where they came from. Nobody in either of our families has legs like she has. But I do know where she got this hair from.

The perfect combination of her mommy and daddy; the color is Weigl and those waves and curls are all Anderson. Just check out this eighteen year old and you'll see for certain...

But what does she do to this almost every morning? She uses this...

...and makes it look like this.

That's what my hair looks like every damn day. Flat and limp. Why would she take waves and body and flatten it?

"I just like it that way! Geeze! If I let it just go normal it's too....too..."(hands fly wildly about her head).

Fair enough. We get the idea.


Like every other young woman in America, The Girl is currently in midst of the Twilight series. She finished Twilight and is about halfway through New Moon. I'm about a chapter behind her. While it's a wonderful thing to see your kids really get into a book, these vampires are seriously cutting into her sleeping time making her not so cheerful come morning. Many a night I've busted her reading in bed way too late.

She takes the book to school with her so I can't read it during the day. At night she's reading and reading and reading, so I have to wait until she finally turns out the light, sneak into her room (because if she catches me I get scolded) and take the book so I can get some reading done.

A sad situation I know. I COULD go get my own copy from the library. I COULD just wait for her to finish and then read it. I could. But I won't.


Nance said...

It's the typical irony (no pun intended): curlies want straight and the straights all want curly.

When I was younger, all I ever wanted was for the ends of my hair to turn under naturally so that I could have a page boy. Now, the ends do just that, and I'm irritated. I have the dreaded page boy and it's NOT WHAT I WANT!

Weaver said...

More, more, more! we the readers want more!!! (of course Brewer just wants more great vintage Mr E shots!!) :)

Would your kids (either?, both?, neither?) wear fish hats?