Monday, February 23, 2009

Hitting it Right

The Man and I are frequent movie goers. We go to the movies more than anyone else I know. But this year it seems we picked all the wrong movies to see. When the list of nominations came out for Best Picture, we hadn't seen any of them. Zero!

Not to be beaten by this, we vowed to at least see a couple of the nominated movies before the big night arrived.

We only made it to one, Slumdog Millionaire

And while the movie itself was amazing it was the music that we both felt put it over the top. For The Man's birthday, I got him the soundtrack to Slumdog and we've been blasting Indian music in the van every since. My favorite song from the disc is Jai Ho. It's played during the last scene in the movie when the whole cast comes out for a dance number. It might be the most joyful song I've ever heard and I don't even know what the words mean.

Slumdog Millonaire won Best Picture and Jai Ho won Best Song. I guess when it comes down to the wire, The Man and I don't mess around.


Nance said...

I'm still trying to figure out why, oh WHY, did they put that stupid dance number in there. Totally deflects the entire tone of the film's ending.

PS--and for a truly truly AMAZING film, go see Revolutionary Road.

Brewer said...

Go see MILK.

J. said...

Nance: I saw the dance scene differently. It didn't take away from the tone. It expressed the "happy ending" that the movie had. I also saw it as a final celebration of a cast and crew that worked beautifully together. As for Revolutionary Road, I only found it so-so. It should have ended when he was running down the street. The last two scenes did nothing for the story. But the fight they had in the car? That part was amazing!

Brewer: Milk is on the list. Now we just need to find the time to see it!

Weaver said...

brewer saw Milk and really liked it but I haven't had the chance yet. I did see Zach and Miri Make A Porno, does that count?

ps I love Kevin Smith's love stories even if they aren't award winners :)

Anonymous said...

I think Revolutionary Road had some amazing parts to it--the idea that she puts herself on display in the front window as she dies is remarkable, and the acting is fantastic--especially the fight scene at the end (I think the scene in the car is good, but too early in terms of liking the characters enough to care why they're so angry with each other--by the time you get to the argument that sends them both off into the woods, it's more clear what's going on), but I agree with J about the ending, at least in the sense that it's more satisfying for me to see him running, either back to or away from. At that point, does it even matter which is which? I didn't get much satisfaction from seeing Leonardo kicked around on the layground at the end.

But I agree with Nance about the ending--the dance scene is nice, but I end on the kiss. Only I think the viewer should see the scarred side of her face....

Both are really good films, though.