Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New York City Day One

We took tons of pictures today in New York City but Blogger is really acting slow, so you are only get these six pictures.

We had to get up crazy early to catch our flight. This was the first plane ride for the kids. It was a quick and smooth trip.

We strolled around Times Square to start and ended up at Toys R Us. That's where The Girl found the life sized Barbie house. Ooooh.
Here they are up on the second floor. Ahhhhh.

I was more taken with the Lego creations. So cool.
Later in the afternoon we took a tour on the Duck which is a bus and a boat all in one.

Like I said we have lots of wonderful pictures from around the city and some great shots from the Duck tour. Let's hope the picture situation resolves itself in the morning.
Until then, here's the Empire State building as we drove by in the Duck. More later!


Brewer said...

On your duck tour you went past my job site. 11th ave and 35th st.
I've wanted to do the duck tour but i'm saving it for when the kids get here.

Have fun!

If you get around Union Square go to Crumb's Cupcakes.. They are amazing.

J. said...

Thanks for the heads-up. We had some cupcakes from Magnolia yesterday. Super yummy!