Sunday, August 02, 2009

New York -- Day Five-- jamming a few last things in

Our flight to leave the city was at 2:30. We heard someone had tried to take a gun through security at the airport so things were delayed. We also heard there was a car on fire on some highway between us and the airport. With all that in mind, we decided to leave at noon. That gave us the whole morning to fill with a few more things.

We started by headed out to get The Boy a "That's What She Said" t-shirt from the NBC store. Yes, I caved. Then headed up Fifth Avenue toward Central Park to check out all the fancy-schmancy stores. But since it was only 9:30 in the morning, nothing was open yet.

At the park, we took a horse drawn carriage ride. We are all severely burned by our almost getting lost and drowned in Central Park before but the carriage ride seemed safe enough.

Our City Passes were expired but I was still able to get my Central Park Zoo pressed penny since the machine was outside the gates. I ended up with lots of pennies, but I'll save that for another post.

On the way back downtown we stopped by Capezio's, just because it was there. The Girl was crazy excited. We made the rational decision that we didn't have enough time to find "the perfect" toe shoes but since she needed new practice shoes anyway, why not buy them in New York. It was almost time to go. But what's this? Blocks and blocks of Broadway was blocked off for a street sale. We did a quick run through and I bought myself "I love NY" pajama pants.

We packed up our things and checked out at noon. After an extremely quick and smooth cab ride we made it to the airport with tons of time to spare. Our plane home was a tiny little thing and we made it home 25 minutes ahead of schedule. Here's The Boy reading "Of Mice and Men" which they both have to have read and annotated before school starts.

Marco was thrilled to see us. The cats seemed pleased at our return. One of the fish died. The house still smells faintly of skunk.

Home sweet home.


Weaver said...

what an awesome trip! glad you all made it home safe.

Nance said...

Did you question the cats re: the moribund fish? Did they give it up?