Monday, May 03, 2010

Easter Bunny Foiled!

You may not be aware of this but we have a special arrangement with the Easter Bunny. He brings candy. He brings baskets. He finds the colored hard-boiled eggs we leave in the refrigerator and hides them around the house. But where he differs is what he hides in the plastic eggs. Our Easter Bunny hides puzzle pieces. Once all of the eggs are found, the puzzle pieces are all dumped together and we spend the next week or so putting together the puzzle. It becomes a nice time filler for a long spring break.

This year, as we were putting together the puzzle 100 Cats and a Fish, I noticed something funny right away. There were only three corners to our rectangular puzzle. Hmmm....

As the days went on, key pieces that should have been very easy to spot were just not there. My suspicions grew.

When the puzzle was "complete" there were 29 missing pieces. 29. That's a whole lot more than could be lost in the chairs, eaten by the dog or stolen by a cat. The only conclusion was that not all of the eggs had been found.

We looked everywhere but it was just too well hidden.

Then, 27 days later, while I was looking for the spider Charlie Brown, I found the egg hidden behind the mirror in the bathroom.
And inside were 29 puzzle pieces, including a corner.
We took the puzzle down weeks ago and we are not putting it back together again for a long, long time. But at least I know that all of the pieces are back in one spot.

Charlie Brown, on the other hand, has not come back. I think a cat ate him.

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Weaver said...

a corner piece? Nothing worse than loosing a corner piece!!!! The only four pieces of a puzzle that I actually enjoy finding and placing.