Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Fences Make Good Jerkheads

Today is the last day for a long while that our family will be held hostage by "The Girl has homework". We have spent days on end this school year frozen in time waiting for her to get done with her homework.

If she has homework to do none of us can:
  • Watch anything on TV (or she'll get distracted making the work last longer).
  • Go anywhere (or she'll get upset making her work slower).
  • Do anything amusing (or she gets jealous and then upset and then see above).

We have been held captive by her non-stop homework status every school night and most weekends for the entire school year. But that stops today. She's been doing homework since noon today and she's almost done. Tomorrow is her last two finals. And then we will all be free!

To keep ourselves from going stir crazy today, The Boy and I worked outside. Look what he did for me. He took this boring side of the shed...

And turned it into this!
All I did was put chalk marks on the side showing where I wanted them and he did the rest. Measured, leveled, drilled and installed!

These three pots used to hang on our fence but...
our fence is gone.

Our new neighbors behind us (we refer to them as the Jerkheads), are in the process of barricading themselves into their yard. Our old fence only went halfway across the back, which might sound strange but when we put it up we just needed the dogs in the diagonal yard to stop barking and jumping insanely at their fence corner whenever we walked out out backdoor. The short fence kept us off their radar. The rest of the yard was left open combining four yards into one large play space for all of the kids. No fences, just bush rows and lots of wide open grass space.

But the new neighbors with their Baby-So-Precious don't see it that way. They feel the need to spend this incredible amount of money to "Keep her safe". This giant cage should do that just fine. Or as my other neighbor suggested you could just watch your kid!

Anyway, it is seriously bumming all of out that our view and our main route of movement is going to be obstructed by this nonsense.
Did I say nonsense? Let me give you a taste of the Jerkhead mentality.

I mentioned our old fence, forty feet of dog blinder back behind our tiny grove of trees. When Mr. Jerkface first came around to tell us about the fence, we left the conversation believing that he was just going to tie his new fence into our fence. Not the case come to find out.

Last week the fence guys were out back putting in all of the fence posts. I noticed them moving around quite bit behind our fence but I didn't think much about it. After they left, I went to take a look at the situation and couldn't believe my eyes. The line of posts continued in a straight as an arrow line around the property and kept going right on behind our fence with only THREE INCHES between the two!

I wish I had taken some pictures with our fence still standing but here's how close it was.
The next day the fence guys were back. A nice enough guy, he also thought it was weird that the Jerkheads choose to buy an extra forty feet of fence when they didn't need to. "But I'm not going to argue with people who want to spend!", the fence guy cackled.

Yeah, good point.

We told the fence guy that we would take ours down and he appreciated that. "It wasn't easy to get these posts in with your fence right there, you know. I didn't know how we were going to get the rest of the fence up!"

Well when he comes back tomorrow, he can slap that fence up without a hitch. Then the Jerkheads will be all caved up and Baby-So-Precious will be safe.

Enough of all of this though. It's almost time to watch Lost!


Weaver said...

yay for the fence guy who gets some extra funds :)

Brewer said...

Have you left the internets because of LOST?
Please come back....