Monday, July 05, 2010

The Fourth

The poor Boy hasn't spent the Fourth of July home in five years. That's the week his troop picks to go to camp because it is the least crowded week of the summer. Go figure.

Here's the crew of them just before the took off. It's going to be hot and dry this week which is a big change from their usual camping weather which can be described as monsoon-like.
Coolest dudes ever!

So without the boy, but with the parents and the brother we spent our Fourth at the Lake Erie Crushers game. The Crushers spent the whole game behind but then really turned on the stink in the ninth inning. They lost 12 to 4. It was brutal to watch. But everyone stayed to the bitter end because of this:

Whoo-hoo to the "fireworks" setting on the camera!

Quite good fireworks too. We took The Boy to see fireworks on the third in neighboring town. (Our town can't shell out for the show anymore. Boo!) The fireworks at the ballgame were just a smidgen better than those. But after two night of being stuck in post-firework traffic, this little patriotic girl has had her fill of fun.

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