Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas This Year

The three days of Christmas went off well this year.  I could bore you with pictures, but they look just like every other year's pictures.

You know, pictures like people calling BINGO...

Or people winning butter dishes...

Or my son being posed with empty liquor bottles...

Or my children lacking Christmas spirit...

Nah. That's all pretty dull stuff.

How about a dense descriptive paragraph?

Christmas Eve the little smokies messed up my oven. I drank a whole bottle of wine myself at the party.  I won a little box at bingo that The Man broke. We stayed out until midnight. Christmas Day the turkey was too big for the crock pot. It cooked just fine anyway. My table that sits eight had to fit eleven and it was amazing! The puzzle I bought was way too hard and it made everybody miserable. We got the kids a Flip Video and they followed everyone around recording them.  The day after Christmas we all slept until eleven when we had to be to Grandma's at noon. Opps! That night we worked a soup kitchen at the Salvation Army and then took ourselves to Pizza Hut. My house is a disaster. 

Ugh.  That doesn't work either.

How about this picture of my dining room table.

I love how this looks.  Just my beautiful Christmas tablecloth on the table before it gets anything slopped on it.  Before it gets cluttered up with dishes and then positively overloaded with food.  It's just lovely.  Putting it on the table just makes me smile.

And that was Christmas.

1 comment:

Weaver said...

so very beautiful!

our photos, were just boring day after christmas pics of the "Blizzard of 2010!!!" (this must be said in Brian Williams booming announcer voice for full effect)

Hope your NYE is just as exciting!!! :)