Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday in the City

It was bright, clear and sunny on Saturday so we headed into Cleveland to take in the sights from the observation deck of the Terminal Tower.

Here's looking into Progressive Field where they are having Snow Days. Tubing, ice skating, bonfires and all kinds of wintry fun inside the stadium. Hopefully they put this on next year and we'll get a chance to go.
The lighthouse, which if I could have zoomed in on it, who would see is completely covered in ice.

An obstructed view of Browns Stadium is the only view of it you'll get from the Terminal Tower.
The Great Lakes Science Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame looking...unimpressive.

And the all important Ladies Room at the top of the Terminal Tower. Fancy!
Tower City was the same old crowded mess as always but they had a terrific Gingerbread contest display. This was my favorite. A whole little village of tiny gingerbread man having a jolly time.
Including these guys in the hot tub. These are my kind of gingerbread men!
All of the sightseeing made us hungry so it was off to Fat Fish Blue. Look out Heather and Jim. We've got two new fans of this place on our hands now!

Finally, what's not to love about this shot? It sums both of them up perfectly.


Weaver said...

What an awesome day!!!!

I'm so jealous of the Fat Fish dinner! I just might have dreams about that cornbread. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for sending the clear pics from the observation deck. It was lousy the day we went. Were you the only ones there? :)

J. said...

Hell no! We got the last tickets for our group. The joint was jumping!