Friday, January 14, 2011

Dawn Breaks

The best way I've found to get my sleepy girl out of bed in the morning is to get in bed with her.  I wiggle around, steal the blankets and talk to her until she finally gets moving.  After she heads off to the bathroom, I usually steal a few extra minutes of sleep in her bed until she comes back.

This morning she trudged down the hall, flipped on the light and screamed.  I shot straight up.  She was already in the door.

"Something happened with the lights in the bathroom!" She was wide awake now.  I peeked around her and could see the glow from the lights spilling into the hall.

"What happened?  They're on, right?"

"The middle light bulb just EXPLODED!"

"So there's glass everywhere in there?"

I was asking too many questions obviously.  She was getting disgusted.  "Of course not!  It just got super bright and then went out."

I already knew what happened.  When I was cleaning out the towel cupboard a while back, I found a package of old incandescent light bulbs.  The middle socket had been empty for some time so I just threw one of those in there.

It hasn't been that long since we switched over all the light bulbs from incandescent to high efficiency CFLs.  But I guess it's been long enough the she's forgotten what it looks like when a light bulb burns out.


Weaver said...

when we moved in here, every light bulb is the old ones. the bathrooms actually heat up just from the lights being on! so I bought new light bulbs (CFLs) only to be reminded that according to the lease, we can only replace the bulbs with the exact same bulbs. Ha! I win that game. I just packed up the old bulbs and will take my CFLs with me when we leave :)

J. said...

I have friends who are doing the same thing. The original light bulbs are safely packed away to be put back in place the day they move out.

Weaver said...

great minds think alike :)