Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awards and Fundraising

Our tiny troop of six girls doesn't do much now.  Not from lack of trying.  We schedule stuff all of the time.  But trying to wrangle six extremely active teenage girls into something simple like a meeting can be daunting.  A camp out?  Almost impossible.

We only have ourselves to blame.  Did we not raise them to be joiners, to be part of a team, to be leaders?  Yes we did.  And now they are out there being strong amazing young women.

Despite all of that, we do occasionally get them together and get things done.  Last week we had our bi-yearly awards ceremony.  Some leaders throw the badges, pins and patches at their girls the moment that activity is done.  We make them wait and make a big deal out of it.  Besides, it's more fun to get a pile of awards all at once.

This awards ceremony was extra special because it was showcasing our most active little Sweetie-Pie who just finished her Silver Award.  The Silver is the second highest award in Girl Scouting.  The amount of stuff you have to do to earn your Silver is just about equivalent with a Boy Scout Eagle Award.  (I feel very qualified to make this observation, so stick it in your ear if you disagree!)

So it goes without saying that Sweetie-Pie worked her behind off getting her project done and deserves mighty props for it.

Still only had four our of six for the ceremony.  These girls are hard to catch!


Yesterday the dance team threw a big fundraising event at Wolfey's Bistro to raise money to go to dance camp in July. This was my kind of fundraiser: An all-you-can -eat appetizer buffet plus all the soft drinks and draft beer you could guzzle in three hours. Who wouldn't want to come to something like that?

We went through many highs and lows in pulling this event off. The pre-sale tickets didn't go as well as we hoped. But the door sales were swift. Then Wolfey's charged us not only sales tax but tacked on a fairly fat gratuity. It looked like we had thrown a big eating festival for next to nothing.

A count up of the profits revealed a different story. It seemed that quite a few people who bought those pre-sale tickets didn't end up coming to the event. In end, instead of bringing a few hundred, we pocketed a cool grand.

Awesome sauce.

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