Thursday, June 02, 2011


Thursday afternoon, The Sister left work early, we pulled the kids out of school and hit the road for Detroit to see the Artic Monkeys!

We got to town with time to spare for dinner so we went to The Detroit Brewhouse where we got a nice meal, lax service and one of their specialy beers that tasted just like Budweiser.  Pretty disappointing.

The show was at The Fillmore Theater which had that wonderful old classic theater look.  So beautiful!

Stock photo.  I didn't actually get to stand on the stage.

 The doors opened at 6:30.  We got in line right after 6 PM.  This wouldn't have been such a big deal if we were having a normal spring, but it was mighty cold and windy standing on that sidewalk waiting to get into the show.  Only The Sister and The Man were close to being dressed appropriately for standing in freezing wind.  The rest of us were just out of luck and cold.
Another stock photo.  The Artic Monkeys are not actually our close friends.
The show was amazing.  It rocked.  I'm not sure if any other words would do it justice, so I'll leave it at that.

The next morning after breakfast we hit the Detroit Institute of Art.  Such a wonderful museum with all kinds of little things to keep you actively involved with the art and not turn into a room to room wandering zombie.

Diego Rivera.  So incredibly cool.
The DIA is extremely patron friendly...unless they catch you chewing gum.  Then you are presented with this from a security guard.
Obviously, I didn't use the paper.  Museum Rebels Unite!

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