Monday, April 02, 2012

What Happened?

So I claimed I would write more and snap more photos because so much was happening. 

Yeah, so that didn't work.  The writing and picture taking part of it at least.  All the stuff still happened.  Here's a recap.

Sunday, March 18th:  The whole family hit my house for our annual pierogi making and feasting.  There was much making and much much feasting.  My job this year was the boiling of pierogis and then the frying of them.  This hot and steamy work which was made more bearable by cup after cup of our festive punch.  (FYI:  Even though I didn't get in the least bit tipsy or drunk, I was graced with a hangover the next day.  Woo hoo!)

We topped the day off with one of our favorites, fake ice cream cake.  So pretty, so easy, so fake.

Tuesday, March 20th:  Who gets their kids out of school at 11 AM so they can go sit outside on a sidewalk (in stunningly beautiful weather) for six hours so they can have as-close-as-humanly-possible positions for the Artic Monkeys/Black Keys concert?

That would be us.

Friday, March 30th:  The kids didn't have school, but they still had to be there bright and early to leave for State Thespian Conference.  Their fall show, The Bad Seed, was chosen to be a featured performance at the conference. Such an honor.   They had to hire a truck to carry the very large set, all the props, costumes and everything else related to putting on the play.  After the truck was loaded and the bus showed up, off they went.  They had an amazing time and the show was extremely well received.  The kids said the audience freaked out at the ending and started screaming.  I would have liked to seen that.

Sunday, April 1st:  Happy Birthday to The Girl and The Boy!  They got home around dinnertime from the conference and were utterly exhausted.  I baked a cake but they weren't up for much for festivities than that.  Maybe this weekend we'll find someway to celebrate them turning 17.

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