Friday, August 31, 2012

Cross Country for Saturday September 1

The Saturday, September 1st meet is at Lorain County Community College.  The Girl runs at 9:30 AM .  The Boy runs at Noon.  The crowds will be huge.  Ask passing people to point out the starting line.  If I tried to describe where it is right here you would probably end up on the in the wrong place altogether.  Park somewhere near the tennis courts or at least on that side of the campus.  No matter where you park though, give yourself a good amount of time to walk to the starting line.  If you are staying for both races, you might want to bring a chair for chilling out between races.  There's not much to do out there but clap and cheer and there is nowhere to sit.  But don't drag a chair to the starting line.  You won't be there long.  It's also really sunny out there.  Bring a hat!

Upcoming Events:  Saturday, September 8, Cross Country meet @ Wooster
                                Saturday, September 22, Cross Country meet @ Black River

Fundraising Currently Happening  The Girl is selling cookie dough for choir.  The Boy is selling popcorn for Boy Scouts.

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