Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Cat is Still Here!

Here she is and yes, she is a she from what we can tell. We thought she was gone. Nowhere to be seen this morning. Good! Nowhere to be seen after school. Very good! But then when the kids were playing in the yard and they heard her meowing away in the shed. Way up in the rafters of the shed! E. had to stand on a chair to get her down. So, now we don't know what to do. She is very cute, very lovable, but still very a cat. Marco is exhausted from the whole thing. The neighbor kid went to ask his mom if they could take it and she's supposed to call me back after she consults with her hubby. I've got my fingers crossed!

Now it's thunderstorming out there, but no worries, the cat is all cozy in the shed with a blanket. Bad, very bad!

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L. Bishop said...

She looks so skinny :( Sorry about your luck. Sometimes we find our pets.... sometimes our pets find us. I already live in a zoo or I would offer to help! Does Marco play nicely with others, or does he turn into KUJO at the sight of a cat?